Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I book a tour ? Is there a list of tours I can choose from and if there are any cut off dates for them?
2. What if I do not like any of the tours listed on the site ? Can “Scenic India” tailor-make a tour for me?
3. Or why can`t I do these trips on my own and (presumably) save money?
4. Why should we choose your company?
5. How long have you been in business and how many clients travel with you each year?
6. Do you include travel Insurance?
7. How do we settle the payment ? Is there an advance deposit required?
8. Is the information I give on the net safe including the Credit Card details?
9. Where can I apply for an Indian Visa?
10. Where do I get General Information on India and Nepal?
11. What are the cancellation policies?
12. Who will answer my calls and questions when I call you, both before and after I sign up & during my Travel?

Question 1.
How can I book a tour ? Is there a list of tours I can choose from and if there are any cut off dates for them ?

You just have to decide on your travel dates, and select any of our tour packages to India, Nepal, Tibbet, Bhutan & Sri Lanka, or may be a combination of two or more, to fit into those dates. It can be done vice versa also.

All these programmes are well researched for years and so can be purchased as it is. However if, you feel that these tours need to be fine-tuned to coincide with your flight schedule, and if you need to add or reduce a night in any city, then you must send us your request and our travel experts will get back to you shortly with necessary changes and the amended tour cost.

There are absolutely no cut off dates and any tour can be booked at any point of time.

Question 2.
What if I do not like any of the tours listed on the site ? Can “Scenic India ” tailor-make a tour for me ?

If you do not like any of our tour packages, we suggest you send us an e-mail mentioning your requirements like the dates of travel, which category of hotels you are looking for to suit your budget, how many members are supposed to travel along with you, the name of cities or destinations like North India, South India or Nepal, Bhutan etc. As soon as we have these details from your end, we will design a tour especially for you and get back immediately. These details serve as an outline for our travel experts, who are working here round-the-clock to make a tailor-made tour for you.

We also have a dedicated department that looks after the very special interest of our clients and can offer custom designed services for the following tours, as well…

Cultural & Heritage, Beaches, Tribals, Architecture, Archaeology, Photography, History, Culinary, Golfing, Museuems & Art Galleries, Art & Craft (Textile), Tea Tasting, Festivals, Backwaters of Kerala, Eco & Nature Trails, Birding & Angling, Hill Stations (Colonial legacy), Pilgrimages, Yoga & Meditation, Spirituality, Temples of South India, Home Stays, Honeymoon, Island Rhapsody (for Andaman & Lakshadweep Islands in India).

Question 3.
Or why can`t I do these trips on my own and (presumably) save money ?
One can often do our tours on his own if he has large quantities of Time, for rustling up for a permit to cross a border, finding suitable transport or getting into the queues to buy the train or Air tickets, Patience and willingness to forgo some safety measures. But a seasoned traveler would know, it can take hours and days of waiting in line, dealing with bureaucrats and triplicate forms, trying to get a taxi to the third office in a row that will send you to the fourth.
Question 4.
Why should we choose your company ?
We are a well established “DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY”, and having a network of various “Partner Companies” around the world for promotion of Indian sub-continent.
We also have a dedicated Research & Development team based in India, who is also responsible for our promotional activities, product development and our complete accounts handling.
Our partner companies are all members of various prestigious National & International Associations like PATA, USTOA (Unites States Tour Operators’ Association), AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) etc.
Our associate companies (i.e. service providers in India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & Sri Lanka) are all leading tour operating companies. They are duly recognized by local Tourism Ministries and Federal Banks in their own countries.
Each one of them is a National Tourism Award Winner for excellence in tourism services.
They all have their own large fleet of latest cars and luxury coaches.
Due to our excellent relations with most of the hotels (through service providers), we receive very attractive special rates from them, which at times are approximately 50 to 60% lower than their rack rates.
The most among all of them, is our Customer Friendly Policies. To know about the same, you are requested to kindly refer to our ; Why travel with us ?, on the homepage itself.
Question 5.
How long have you been in business and how many clients travel with you each year ?
In our more than 25 years of operation, we have become one of the leading operators for the Indian sub-continent. Last year, in overall figures we have had more than 2000 tourists travelling with us to different parts of the world.
Question 6.
Do you include travel Insurance ?
We advise you to arrange travel insurance in your country, either directly or through our local associate. For more details check out our “Terms & Conditions” section.
Question 7.
How do initiate the bookings and settle the payment issue ? Is there an advance deposit required ?

We take a very nominal charge to initiate the bookings of your trip, which is just 5% of your total trip cost or US$ 100 per person, whichever is higher, plus all other mandatory advance deposits as required by different suppliers, to confirm their services. The balance will be only taken after handing over all travel documents and air tickets etc.

The money can be paid by the payment gateway on our website, through your Master or Visa cards, or through a wire transfer to our Bank Account. Please find more details in our “Terms & Conditions section”.

Question 8.
Is the information I give on the net safe including the credit card details ?
Any correspondence exchanged between us will be kept confidential and not out-sourced to any third party under any circumstances. The credit card details you provide are safe since our Payment Gateway is approved by VERISIGN. Moreover your profile (name, Email ID, address, Telephone number) will be used only to communicate with you in regards to the services you are buying or availing. At no time this profile will be misused.
Question 9.
Where can I apply for a Visa ?
You are requested to get in touch with the nearest Embassy/ Commission of the countries that you would like to travel or our local associate in your country, who will apprise you of all the formalities required.
Question 10.
Where do I get General Information on India, Nepal, Tibbet, Bhutan & Sri Lanka ?
Plenty of information is covered under the FACTS & ESSENTIAL section of each destination in our website. This includes general information pertaining to weather conditions, passport & visas requirements, restricted area permits, customs & baggage, money matter and health related, transportation, accommodation, security, tipping, photography, clothing dress codes, shopping etc. If some information you want is still missing then do give us your feedback so that we can try and include it in our database.
Question 11.
What are the cancellation policies?

Our highly liberalised cancellation policies ensures no cancellation charges from our office (please read the cancellation chart carefully given in two parts, Part I & II), up till 24 hours (i.e one full working day, Monday till Friday), before your arrival in India. The letter of intimation from you should reach your port of arrival, depending on the package you have booked, (i.e. India, Nepal, Tibbet, Bhutan or Sri Lanka), in fax and must be acknowledged.

And within 24 hours or no show at airport, only the first night retention at the hotel and transport or US$ 50 per person, whichever is lower will be levied. But if there is postponement of dates then there is absolutely no extra charge. So now you can book with lot of confidence and has the freedom to decide as far as 24 hours of your arrival without fearing to loose your money.

Our policies are equally pro-customer even when you are travelling with us. So there is nothing to worry, even if any tour programme has to be called off due to any reason. But you are requested to kindly consult the dealing local office on it for a clear picture.

Important ;
Please refer our “Cancellation Chart”, as under, given in two parts and both are applicable.
Part I
Uptill 24 hrs notice NO CANCLLATION CHARGES
NO SHOW at the airport One day hotel and transport retention or USD 50, whichever is lower.
Part II
Also payable, irrespective of number of days…
1. All advance deposits placed with hotels and other suppliers to confirm the tour arrangements. This will be intimated at the time of booking.
2. All retention charges as levied by hotels or other suppliers, and governed by our mutual contract with them.

Note ;
We would like to inform that, generally we have negotiated special rates with hotels and other suppliers, for our clients and to guarantee our reservations with them the exchange vouchers (30 days prior to the arrival) are sent to their offices. It is also that stipulated time frame to confirm the reservations, which also makes us liable for retention charges in case of any cancellation later. The cancellation generally amounts to one night stay at each hotel.

Cancellation charges over air & train tickets will be as per the policies of the airlines and railways.

Question 12.
Who will answer my calls and questions when I call you, both before and after I sign up & during my travel ?

Before signing up, you can call our office and a responsible representative will be communicating with you & as soon as you sign up your tour, the file will be assigned to one of our Tour Executives and he will be directly responsible for your travelling and his telephone of both office as well as residence will be given. But you are most welcome to call our Managers/Directors whose telephone numbers are also given to you. Any-how, you will be provided with a list of our Associates' Offices for all those cities wherever you are visiting. You can contact them any time during your travel for any assistance required.

We hope to have replied to all relevant questions here, about your Travel. Should you, however, have any query, please forward the same to us for our immediate reply.

We look forward to serving you in near future.